Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship

There are a number of benefits you can have from getting Italian dual citizenship. Becoming a dual citizen can be a process, but it can be easier with Italian citizenship assistance. With an Italian citizenship, not only can you reside, study, and work in Italy, but you can also do so in the other 27 European Union countries without the need for a visa.

European Union Benefits: According to a section of the EU treaty, every person who holds the nationality of a member state shall also be a citizen of the union. This means you have the basic rights of being able to work, live, and vote in the European country. Since 2008, most of the European countries are also members of the Schengen agreement. This allows for free travel and movement within Europe. Dual citizens will feel safer when traveling abroad. They won’t be subjected to restrictions and will enjoy protection of the diplomatic authorities.

Social Benefits: If you have dual citizenship, you enjoy the benefits, privileges, and rights that are offered by the country of residence. These can include education, unemployment programs, and pensions.

Financial and Career Benefits: There are many advantages for employers when hiring someone with dual citizenship. Internal companies will look for bilingual, culturally aware, and professionally skilled people who have experience in a foreign environment. By having a dual citizenship, you can further your financial and career prospects. Certain jobs could be only be offered to citizens first. For entrepreneurs, dual citizenship also has some other benefits because you can enjoy the shared currency that characterizes the European Union. You won’t face some of the same restrictions that non-EU citizens have. An Italian passport will also allow you to purchase foreign security without any restrictions. These securities include unit trusts, investment funds, real estate, and Eurobonds.

Cultural Benefits: Italy has a rich cultural history. Those who spend a great amount of time in Italy can start to learn and experience an Italian way of life. Knowing that you have the right to vote in this country can help you have a greater willingness to care and learn about what is happening.

Ease of Travel: An Italian passport makes travel easier. Travel to Italy is not only more efficient, but you can also fast track lines when you enter any other European countries.

Other Benefits: You will also be able to transfer Italian citizenship to your children who are 18 years old and younger automatically. It can also provide for tax-free imports for any vehicles directly from the U.S. to Italy. It’s also much easier to purchase property in Italy.

Now is the time to start thinking about getting an Italian passport and becoming a dual citizen with Italian citizenship assistance, before any future changes in the citizenship laws in Italy.