Why Experience Matters when Choosing your Personal Injury Lawyer

There are plenty of qualities that you should watch out for when interviewing a potential personal injury lawyer as they will help you determine whether he/she is the right fit for the job or not. Among these qualities is experience. Although experience is just one of the numerous aspects to consider when choosing a lawyer, it plays a critical role and can mean the difference between winning and losing your personal injury suit.

Personal injury law is complex and needs many years of hard work and experience to master. Personal injury cases also involve a range of critical factors that must be considered, like establishing the cause of the injury, evidence of the injury and proving liability of the matter. It’s for this reason that you have to find a lawyer who exclusively does personal injury cases to represent you in your personal injury claim.

Here is why experience matters when choosing your Everett personal injury attorney:

Trial ready

The market has no shortage of personal injury lawyers. However, only a handful is trial ready. Others focus on arbitration and negotiation and back down when it comes to litigation, which is understandable. About 80% – 97% of all personal injury cases settle out of court, so many lawyers are scared of going to trial because they lack the trial experience. Besides, the courtroom is a tiring place to be, irrespective of which side the lawyer is. An experienced lawyer enjoys the art of war, and cannot be afraid of going to trial. Having them by your side will give you an edge because their reputation precedes them. The same cannot be said for inexperienced lawyers; some may even pressure you to settle for an unfair amount because of fear of trial.

Maximize compensation

Insurance companies are never on your side. They are only interested in protecting their bottom line – and if that means denying your claim, so be it. Insurance companies may try devaluing your injury and offering an unfair settlement. They may even paint you as the villain of the story and refuse to pay you altogether. An experienced attorney will collect the necessary medical reports and any other supporting evidence to show the significance of your injury and prove liability.

Protect your rights

As a victim of personal injury case, it’s likely you do not know every aspect of personal injury law as well as your rights – and that’s where lawyer’s experience comes in handy. An experienced lawyer doesn’t have the training and understanding of law alone; they deal with such cases daily. Without legal help, you may be vulnerable to actions like the insurance company trying to devalue your injury, or trying to blame you for your injury. An experienced attorney will be by your side to ensure that your rights are not violated. The same cannot be said for an inexperienced attorney – in fact, the insurance company will push you over when they realize your attorney is not a threat to them.