Why Should City Residents Participate in Caring for Forests?

As the depletion of natural resources reaches alarming levels, it is the responsibility of the entire humanity to preserve these gifts of Mother Earth. Almost daily, we hear news of an impending catastrophe brought about by the negligence to environment laws and abuse of humans to the environment. It is high time that businesses and residents based on urban areas must take part to end the exploitation of nature.

Almost half of the entire human population live in urban areas. Most of them are unaware of the damage that humanity has done to forests, seas, farms and other natural settings. This condition has made them indifferent to the effects of pollution and reckless use of natural resources. If not for the scientific documentaries about the destruction of nature shown on television and the Internet, they are ignorant of what is happening in the countryside and wilderness.

Why Must Urban Dwellers Care About Forests?

But why should city dwellers care about the worsening condition of jungles around the world? Here are some things urban people should ponder about the importance of forests to the world.

  • Supply cities with water and energy – Supply of freshwater that urban dwellers drink comes from watersheds of nearby forested catchment areas. The water from these areas also powers hydroelectric plants that generate electricity.
  • Sources of raw materials – Timber, paper, rubber, fibre are just some of the products used in offices and homes that come from giant trees.
  • Protection from Extreme Weather – We are now hearing news of landslides and flooding in cities near deforested areas due to torrential rains. The reason is trees from the forested areas can absorb the rainfall and prevent the soil from eroding. Scientists also point out the role of forests in maintaining the well-being of the environment, including the sustainability of cities.
  • Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change – The woods have a crucial function in moderating the climate locally and globally. Experts believe that forests make up almost one-third of the cost-effective actions to prevent global warming, which include reduction of carbon emissions from deforestation and improving carbon storage by reforestation.

How Should Urban Dwellers Respond to Deforestation?

Aside from being passive viewers of news reports on climate change and doomsday and post-apocalyptic movies, city residents should know the importance of preserving the forests. They can actively participate in the global effort of protecting and restoring the wilderness by educating the community by doing the following steps:

  • Enacting and abiding policies to protect natural resources. Businesses and ordinary citizens must abide by the laws aiming to protect forests and other natural resources. These may include sourcing of products from companies associated with deforestation. They should consult with resource management and environmental lawyer like JGH Barrister to ensure they comply with legal requirements on the environment and natural resources in their area. Urban dwellers must also avoid investing in businesses that can promote damage to the environment and deforestation.
  • Raise awareness. Most urban dwellers do not know that most of the goods and services they use come from materials generated by forests. Continuous education about the environment can help citizens make more eco- and forest-friendly decisions when it comes to their purchases and votes.

Forests are nature’s gift to humanity. Hence, it is anyone’s responsibility to protect them for the sake of our subsistence in this world. Make sure you do your part, consult the right people to help protect the environment, get in touch with JGH Barrister.

Author: Carrie Sze